notes from the office #66

10:47a i dont really have much to write about yet. i’m in the lull before the busy season starts. i have all my issues sorted more or less. like parking is taken care of for mbmbam on sunday, i got my hotel, bus pass and ticket for GG next month. time off was requested and granted. the phone has rang like twice since i got here. i have almost no edits to do. i’m working on getting all the right of ways filled in with placeholder polygons so i can mass edit the subdivisions.

it used to be that the subdivision lines feature class had value that could be drawn as empty where the subdivision boundary ran over a right of way. made a good looking display. when we migrated over to the parcel fabric, that was lost in the conversion. i fucked that up because i wasn’t aware of it, and according to my predecessor it wasn’t all that well maintained in the first place. i’m going to bring it back. i just have to break every subdivision boundary at the right of way and type the line correctly, then reload it into the fabric.

if this were a larger county it would be a difficult task, but there’s only a couple thousand subdivsions instead of tens or hundreds of thousands. a big chunk of them don’t cross any right of way at all, so that’s easy enough.

11:16a the woman out there has anger problems. like she takes out her frustration on the person on the phone instead of just fuckin dealing with it like an adult. like sorry you’re getting yelled at, but escalating isn’t going to stop the yelling. the irritation in her voice undercuts everything she’s trying to do.

12:14p i saw some floorplans for a cabin. there’s that desire to build a house again. ugh. i have to find the land, then get utilities, then materials, then build. and live somewhere the whole time.

1:30p vyncs is pretty awesome.

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