notes from the office #67

11:02a idk if i’m in an argument or not, but walpurgsnacht is a christian holiday. it wasn’t co-opted from pre-christian pagan beliefs. my friend runs a satanist-ish group and he’d posted something about doing a walpurgsnacht celebration and i told him, like dude that’s a christian holiday. why celebrate it??

also: just because they do it in europe doesn’t make it some super legit thing. they can be just as wrong about shit as we can be. european does not mean superior.

4:05p today has been busy. i started and finished the lovecraft covenant, and i am totally ambivalent towards it. the quality was fine, but it was just another lovecraft adjacent story. i think i need more stories like “from beyond” and less crime drama.

and now i embark on my quest to get caught up with welcome to nightvale. i have well over a year’s worth of show to listen to. it was the first podcast i listened to regularly, starting back in early 2014. i’d listened to some individual episodes of improvised star trek before and some other shows i can’t remember right now, but nothing regularly. i was a dedicated NPR fan for a long time.

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