notes from the office #68

8:48a good ol’ welcome to nightvale. reliably weird and happy.

10:13a nightvale’s NRA is now the same as the current american NRA. they’re selling bumperstickers that are made from “good sturdy vinyl, and they read ‘we genuinely do not value human life'”. i mean, how much more accurate can you get?

1:25p idk if i’m in the wrong or my coworker is in the wrong. i have 3 bags that come with me back from lunch – my project bag (small drawstring backpack), my purse and my lunchbox. my coworker says “hey looks like youre real loaded down there” and i just didn’t care for that at all. she’s got a giant locker sized purse and wants to talk shit about my stuff? sorry.

3:12p i can’t think of a question for mbmbam that isn’t a bummer or bummer-adjacent. uuugggghhhh

also my eczema is driving me absolutely insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane

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