notes from the office #69

9:17a my coworker said something so shitty to me. he says, is your family tree a stump? i heard everyone from west virginia is inbred. i am still kind of beside myself and trying to figure out a way to shit on his retirement cake.

i won’t do that because i’d get fired pretty quick but still

so i did the next best thing and wrote in to mbmbam about it.

we’ll see.

anyway, i got a new eczema cream. exederm. feels pretty good so far. the weeping seems to have stopped.

12:18p i want to go do some acrylic pouring. i got a set of cheap paints, now i all i need is some pva glue, silicone and something to paint.

3:47p esri’s crash reporter crashed uuugggghhh


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