notes from the office #70

7:57a mbmbam live was pretty fucking awesome. i was happy to see that the show damn near sold out because everyone showed up last minute to buy tickets at the box office. my boyfriend enjoyed himself.

8:28a i love that morn drop on tgg. it’s fucking great. and my boyfriend wants to go to gg in austin next month, i bought him a ticket but haven’t told him yet. waiting to hear that he’s got the days off.

this year has been a little rocky because the guy that had my job before me was here for 30 years aaaaand his retirement has left me a little rudderless. it’s up to me to keep it together now and that’s a big challenge. i still feel like i’m in a transitional period even though i think i’m out of it. like i *know* we have to fully transition away from paper maps entirely, but the rest of the office (and the rest of the county) isn’t there yet.

i know i’m going to have to eventually transition away from the old style of annotation but no one is there yet. i think esri’s hinted at it, at least that’s what homeboy from the northside told us he heard. the thought makes me want to run screaming. we have like millions of annotations that have been carefully placed over the years. how the ///fuck/// am i going to transition all that? there’s so much contextual information in those annotation layers that the thought makes me want to literally move back to west virginia and live in a cave.

right now i’m waiting for this new set of neighorhood maps to export. there’s almost 600 pages, fully color & fully annotated. i kind of know how i’d do this in a fully digital fashion but jjjjffffcccc.

tgg’s latinum drop is the absolute gold standard (pun might be intended) of interstitial music though.

10:20a i am worried i’m going to have to go to the doctor for this flare up. i hate going. i’ve tried everything for my eczema (like LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR LITERALLY RIPPING ALL OF MY SKIN OFF). i’m just worried it’s infected and i need to get on antibiotics again. steroid creams work temporarily, but as soon as i stop use the flare up starts right back up.

2:06p is it considered an addiction when i’ve installed utorrent on my phone to download out of print audiobooks? like i love me some william gibson, but i will NOT spend $100 on a cassette version of virtual light. bruuuuuuuuuhhhhh if you’re reading – please god rerelease the bridge trilogy. i’m writing to audible right now.

4:19p i can’t wait to hear the houston mbmbam. i want to know if i can hear my boyfriend’s laugh. it’s not a bad laugh, it just rings like a fuckin bell across a crowd.

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