notes from the office #71

7:51a apparently i missed the duelling periscopes last night on twitter between adal & arnie. watching the replay is still pretty funny.

there’s a point where matt says “look at that view” or something to that effect, and all i wanted was to see the damn vvvvviiiiieeeewwww

oh hey justin mcelroy popped up on arnie’s periscope

these are some good good tavern boys

8:05a fuckin first thing in the morning, arcmap crashes and then the god damn crash reporter crashes

8:52a that was weird. i looked over at my desk phone and the display was off? like all of it. maybe i just didn’t hang up the phone all the way? wtf

11:12a uuugggghhh it took me two hours to get this cut-out done because my new market values were +$180 from the original account. turns out it’s just a FUCKING ROUNDING ERROR in the appraisal suite. it won’t make a difference on their tax bill, i just know that shit has to balance back. boss said not to sweat the difference.

3:44p another busy day. it’s going to be like this until the end of july. i’ll make it, just like i have every other year. also arcmap crashed again, and so did the error reporter. this has to be my fault at this point.

4:28p another crash. bbbbrrrruuuugggggghhhhh

4:32p RIP untitl555ed.mxd i think you’re finally dead

4:35p maybe not! but you might need a run through the mxd doctor if that’s even still a thing

4:37p lol, 6’8 of pure righteousness

4:42p quick eczema update: it’s healing. it’s finally healing. i’ve been putting a strong baking soda solution on it every night and i think that’s finally killed whatever took up residence there and it’s FINALLY HEALING. it burns like no one’s business, like literally lighting my skin on fire might be more comfortable.

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