notes from the office #72

9:03a just tired today. allergies are killing me. i’m sleeping a little bit better though, which is nice. wasn’t feeling anything in my up next queue so i decided to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the mbmbam catalog, all the way back to episode 1. the intro music is something i recognize but i genuinely can’t recall the name of the song or artist. this is so cute.

justin is already fucking up the jokes like 10 seconds in and i love it.

9:06a arcmap and the crash reporter crashed again. ugh this is all me.

9:44a i am really enjoying this early mbmbam.

take a chance on me? jfc is that what that song is called? it’s so goddamn catchy and i love it every time i’ve heard it historically.

11:38a i have to return this rando’s phone call but i seriously just want to listen to jeffrey goofs (episode 4 is pretty gold)

11:43a i love pleasant private sector people so much


1:39p jfc ford, get your act together. got the letter stating that parts were ready for my fucking airbag recall and the local ford deal has yet to get the parts in. your timing is bad and you should feel bad, ford

3:11P that fucking song is by abba and it’s called take a chance on me. no wonder it’s catchy, everything abba did was extra catchy.

4:16p i kind of wish i wasn’t banned from the mbmbam facebook group. i know it’s not the official one anymore since the fandom destroys everything but still. i think i’ll make a houston mbmbaminos group and call it ‘IT’S A CLUTCH MOVE’

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