notes from the office #73

7:59a episode 13 of mbmbam, the origin story of “kiss your dad square on the lips”

9:38a new friendly fire dropped riiiight into my mbmbam marathon. i’m happy with this. they’re reviewing red dawn. i honestly don’t think i’ve seen red dawn, it’s just so ingrained into pop culture that i know it already.

11:30a i drew another pendant. i hope i get to make it. i’m also ready to start doing acrylic pours, i can’t wait to do some of that as well.

12:21p uh oh, the good good boys are going to stop on 638. heard it here first on episode 14 of mbmbam

12:25p oh goodness they’re talking about dipping into the till if you want a raise that you won’t get at a shitty job. i knew a dude that did that and got away with it for YEARS. i didn’t know until the bowling center we were at closed and i flew off to autozone, a lot of the old staff moved down to the other bowling center in the area. he got caught at the newer center and they pressed charges.

3:40p episode 17 has the mbmbamino origin story

4:01p i think i found a spot to buy. if anything just for the lot.

4:43p i didn’t know bob ball recorded their intro. i don’t know who that is, but it’s cool.

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