notes from the office #75

7:45a i am a huge dummy. i straight up packed my lunch and forgot to put the entree in the tupperware. i packed my snacks and didn’t take the entree tupperware out of the lunch box, just stacked that shit on top, zipped up my lunchbox and put it up. i realized on my way to work that i goofed up. at least there was a kroger at the next exit and i picked up a can of soup.

i am out of meat. i think i'm going to cut back on meat in general, it's getting more expensive and i need to eat better. 

8:41a jfc i hate hate hate hate hate hate this unjoin lag. at least i have that new offbook episode with the hftmt guys. i'm not even like 10 minutes in and i'm in love. is it corps or core? omg i love it. keep me guessing, use both, pleeeeeease

back to food, i think i'm just going to do soup for the next like year or two. soup is easy af and there's a billion variations. 

back to offbook, holy shit i'm in love. there's a reason i don't listen often to offbook - like it's so goddamn good it's like eating a whole family size package of oreos in a go. does anyone want a piece of peace?





offbook makes me want to learn how to sing. i'm pretty sure i'm tone deaf and none of this will work.

8:55a slick jackbox plug brrrruuuuuuuhhhhh

9:10a small town science, small town science omg

9:20a /why would someone put an xbox on my bed/?!?!?

9:21a it's taken me all damned moring to unjoin/fix/rejoin 3 parcels. i am waiting on the fourth one to rejoin. god i only have one more to do. i'm not going to speak ill of the dead, but i am miffed at whomever originally drew this neighborhood in. i know it predated me, and i'm 99% sure it predated my predecesor as well. i know it was once en vogue to drink at the office but jfc ya'll

9:29a holy shit, offbook just validated my gamestop employment experience. i worked there for 6 weeks in 2007 and i didn't make enough to buy a used 360. i got hired on at double daves and made enough to go back to that gamestop and buy a used 360. crazy turnover is 100% correct. i can't imagine what it's like there now. 

9:46a i just want to finish this episode of offbook buuuuuut i have to get on a longass call with ESRI tech support YAY

9:50a deus xboxicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i got tech support guy's voicemail so maybe later klint!

10:00a i'm trying os hard not laugh at the shanty. 

omg i cant laugh out loud
all i can do i stype

clear eyes, full hearts
can't lose!

ya'll this sounds like a shanty, i've heard so many at the faire. totally a sea shanty. i'm going to try and learn it for faire. don't have to sound good if you're drunk off your ass at the renaissance faire. 

10:20a going from offbook to pod save america just fucking destroyed my mind's transmission

10:22a is it bad that i leave myself catty bookmarks in arcmap? like "go back and fix this shit, dummy" "fix this ancient drawing already" "90 year old plat fix it" "why didn't you set the line string tolerance higher, fix this shit" "YOU MISSED ALL THESE DENSIFIED ARCS FIX IT"

everything work related's going in the Unti555tled.mxd tag, i like it more than just "work".

10:54A i hate accidentaly hitting full extent instead of previous extent by mistake. it takes forever to get back to what i was doing. arcmap stop trying to draw 2mil+ annotations and literally everything else just stop stop stop stop stop. yes i cancelled the operation but you're still going. stooooooooooooooooooooooooop.

12:11p i think when i get home i'm going to make a baking soda paste and coat my fucking legs in it because my eczema ITCHES. saying it ITCHES does not SCRATCH the SURFACE (ANGRY PUN INTENDED)


12:15P i'm going to get these metal minimalist storage shelves for my apartment. i am tired of the cheap pressboard bookshelf and equally cheap thin metal ladder bookshelf i have. i think one of the $40 ones from walmart can house everything on those two shelves and won't bow in the middle. 

1:51P i actually learned something from jordan, jesse, go. i had no idea that the zoot suit riot was a race riot. 

2:41p i should have shook hands with this dude from city of [xxxxxxxx] but didn't because of my fucking eczema. i hate this so much.

3:23p holy god some people. i just got off the phone with a dude looking to buy school district resale properties. basically, the ISD takes these when the sheriffs department doesn't. back tax reclamation kind of thing. the PDF he told me he was looking at lists like $86k for what the ISD wants. i have to hold this guy's hand to find the appraisal record and it's valued at $4k. dude asks, is that what i'm supposed to offer? idk dude, i can't answer that question. i have no hand in these sales. none. zero. i can't offer advice since i'm not a real estate agent, and i wouldn't offer advice on that shit even if i was! 

if the ISD wants $86k, $4k is a slap in the face to all those kids who need a hot meal or a ride to school. someone skipped out on paying that much in taxes. that's why they want that much, that's what is owed. if you have never heard the term "due dilligence", turn off HGTV and get the fuck away from the reclaim sales. i am going to gatekeep the shit out of this. mostly, because i'm thinking of all that money the school district DIDN'T and ISN'T going to get out of the owner on record and your cheapskate ass. 

4:41p listening to the guy that was ugly to me talk about retiring, and how your whole mindset changes

dude, you're going to be the last generation that gets to retire. i'm going to be working until i'm dead. 

4:45p in other news - i could listen to tim sniffen talk all day.

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