notes from the office #76

8:20a ep 39, they play a little clip of "shots". i had a really visceral moment of painful nostalgia for that era in my life. it wasn't a fun time at fucking all. like i'd just quit baking for a living and went back to work at the bowling center. some now ex-friends of mine worked there as well. one of them played "shots" every saturday xtreme. we tried so hard to keep that place going and convince ourselves that it was a good, fun place to work. 

the delusion was REAL.

i still have some friends from my time there. half of them are gone though. mostly because i don't go out drinking anymore and apparently that was the lynchpin of our relationship.

note: nostalgia isn't necessarily fuzzy or happy. 

k peepums nastygum snapped me right out of that weird funk

i hated that point in my life fwiw, most of my life between 2005-2012 was awful

8:36a i frogged my temperature shawl again. i just kept staring at it, not working on it, i hated everything. but i was looking for a shawl pattern for some yarn my friend gave me and i found one that i could adapt to a better looking temperature project. like i got a few days of january done last night and it looks good. i also got a few inches of the shawl done with my friends yarn and it looks nice! i'll have to get some more of the yarn to finish my friend's shawl, but it'll work out. it's this superbulky acrylic/wool, and she had two colors. deep purple and black. 

it's called the sierra madre shawl, and it's a free on ravelry. it's pretty basic and i learned how to start a shawl so that the stitches go out diagonal instead of horizontal. 

i've only finished one project this year and that's hhhhhhuuuurrrrttttiiinngggggggg me. i've frogged more than i've even made progress on. i'm hoping i can get that purple shawl done by the time my friend's birthday rolls around this summer. 

the temperature shawl is going to have a lot of fringe. i decided that trying to keep track of what color needs to be tinked up was way too much work, and it's just easier to cut and tie at the end of the row. i'm doing 2 rows/day for the high/low. so the day's temperatures get tied off together. it takes a little bit longer, but it looks pretty decent so far. i'm going to try and finish january tonight since i spent a good chunk of time reformatting my pattern spreadsheet.

the original sierra madre has a specific number of stockinette rows and a specific number of garter rows, and i'm going to use the stockinette as the high/lows and use the garter rows as a border between months in black. i might try to crochet a black border but idk if that will work with the fringe. i don't think it will, i'll have to watch a video on how to crochet a border on a knit piece. 

fwiw i'm waiting on another rejoin that's taking forever. 

9:28a i just want to knit and ignore everything around me. i'm doing pretty good at ignoring politics. i still follow, but i don't let it affect me. that was like... the entirety of 2017. it almost destroyed my fucking life. 

9:33a i get really happy when i find a mistake that pre-dates my employment here. like, yessssssss. it wasn't me this time. because i made a lot of mistakes. 

9:40a bramblepelt, stormscream, nightshadow! jfc i love these names. that episode where they find that list of warrior cat names fucking SLAYED me. 

9:47a HOLY SHIT bramblepelt hat idea

instructions for how to make a brambly looking stitches

just put some additional rows right after the ribbing that says "bramblepelt" and then finish off the hat in that stitch. fuck the pompom. 

11:01a someone in one of my facebook groups outed themselves as an OG goon. makes me happy. it feels like there are so few of us. 

11:42a i turn back into just one big ball of social anxiety when my eczema is flared. like it's on my face, my hands, my legs, literally everything. i don't want to interact with anyone. i feel like they are staring at me and wondering what form of leprosy i have. if they're going to catch it. 

maybe if i go paleo again it'll go away. but then, i don't know if that was it or if it was just a "nah i'm not going to flare this year" fluke. 

2:31p i hate it when people follow my coworkers back to my office. it's the first time this has happened to me in this particular spot, but folks seem to think i have the holy grail answer to their problems back here and i don't. i can't tell your HOA that the brick fence that got destroyed isn't on your property or not. the plat map on record isn't going to be able to say that. you need to go back through your title paperwork and everything you've ever signed with them to find that out.

PSA to property owners: keep fucking everything re: your property. paper and digital copies. down to the fuckin walmart reciept for mulch. ALL OF IT. 

2:56p just read an article re: toxic shock syndrome and menstrual cups. guess i'm going to switch over to fabric pads since apparently everything causes TSS

4:16P hurricane season is upon us and for the first time in my 24 years in texas i am truly afraid. sure i was scared during rita and ike, the two i evacuated for. i should not have evacuated for those. i should have left for harvey. i thought it was going to be okay, nothing big. i was so wrong. i have until september to really get ready. i need to be ready before then. i need to know where we can go, how long we can stay there, how are we going to care for our pets? 

i know where all the high ground is near me now. at least i hope i know, as far as i know the cities have done nothing to dredge the storm sewers post-harvey. the thought gives me this feeling in my chest like i've had the wind knocked out of me. incidentially, that's my first solid memory of living in texas. i fell of the monkey bars the first day of school and the entire fucking playground gathered around to watch me flop around like a fish out of water. some of them were laughing and pointing. 

my social life never recovered and that was *actually* 24 years ago.

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