notes from the office #77

9:16a ep47 – “i’m gonna fuck you like trent spiner.”

i almost died lol

10:24a i thought i was getting a phone call just now. there was a really generic sounding beep. apparently, in episode 48 like right towards the end of the episode travis farts and griffin beeped it out. that beep threw me off waaaaaaay more than any imaginary toot.

10:30p the final yahoo in that fucking episode was kinda topical. something about a dude asking “what do you do now” if the asker had xray vision and could see through your close. it was aimed at women.

the incel community popped out another terrorist and he killed 10(?) people in toronto. jfc.

10:57a i just stuttered out to the point where i couldn’t say “delimited”. god dammit i hate this so much. and i was on the phone with someone from homeland security.

1:39p i need to learn more about how to work in microsoft sql sever. we provide data to the public. we used to offer it in csv format, now it’s still in flat text but the files are so massive the only way to maniuplate it is in sql server. i had a call come in from my county engineer’s office and i couldn’t figure out how the fuck to get the data to them in a way they can use. not everyone has a database administrator handy that can figure this shit out for them, generally they have someone like me – an involuntary admin that fell into all this shit. may not necessarily be qualified, but i wasn’t hired for it and inhereted it. no one else was available to take that position.

side note: it makes my day when i get a thank you email back. some days that’s the only bright point i get.

4:08p guy from the city did not care how much work i put into the set of maps i fucking made for him. oh well. guess i’ll never get that 2 hours back.

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