Unti555tled.mxd #78

8:02a i always appreciate the thought when my coworker calls me to tell me there are donut holes and stuff but i can’t eat it. please god i hope theyre not expecting me to eat it. i am flared and unhappy right now and very little is going to fix it.

also i fucking hate coming across a fucking great garment that’s tagged as knit, then once i start looking closer at it? once i make that fatal fucking mistake the garment is crochet. i can make like a few knots on a chain before my hands go rouge and i wind up with yarn barf. i’m just in a shit mood because i had to tink back 2 rows in my temperature shawl and i’m so itchy.

no amount of donut holes are going to fix this, karen

i also saw a cute design on instagram for a top. it’s a lace sampler and ssssstrikingly familiar to a free pattern top i already have saved on ravelry. looking closer? it’s just that same pattern, but with the rectangles stitched side-by-side to create the top, instead of stitching them across the shoulders. idk how much the designer wants for it, but no. i’ll do this myself thanks.

8:18a ive been ignoring most of my podcasts this week for mbmbam back catalog. apparently i need goofs more than anything. my boyfriend was on days yesterday and i actually got to see him last night, which was nice. we went to eat dinner at the restaurant that’s right in front of our apartment complex. they serve bahn mi, salads, noodles, rice. i got a tofu salad and he got pork fried rice. their tofu is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

9:07a i just want to knit. i have all these ideas in my head, all this stuff i want to make and i’m *here*. at a desk. typing away. working a job i’m just okay with. i really wish universal income was a thing and affordable housing was a thing.

9:34a sometimes i get super paranoid that the person on the phone didn’t actually conclude the call and i just hung up because i thought the call was over. i am like 99.999999% sure the guy from a city i just got off the phone with concluded the call. jfc i hope i didn’t just make an ass out of myself. this guy is a Somebody. aaaaghhh

9:53a sometimes i totally regret calling esri tech support. having an issue with the pdf printer not working in my AGOL web application. they’re just going to have me remake the application and basically start over from scratch every single time. like dude something’s broken please send it up the chaaaaaaaaaaaaain

10:42a my fucking eyelid is twitching. you’re killing me ESRI.

11:40a griffin’s thread about his last day at polygon was pretty amazing. i need to go find whatever he’s written on impostor syndrome. i’m aware of that i have it too, i just have no idea how to overcome it.

1:34p it’s so frustrating when i can’t finish a cast-off in one go. my lunch break was almost up and i was like 25 stitches into my cast off for this mesh cocoon i’m working. no pattern, since it’s literally a rectangle in black caron simply soft.

2:42p holy shit this week’s friendly fire is unrelenting in its dislike of the 2012 remake of red dawn.

2:57p i need to just fucking dump esri but i need to get my higherups behind the idea. fuck this. support has me remaking my entire display and IT DOESN’T SOLVE THE GODDAMNED PROBLEM. support guy made it work. HIS SOLUTION DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM ON MY END







i have no idea why/how this shit works, but if i overwrite my service with the fucking *shapefile* version of my parcel data instead of the *feature class* version of my parcel data the goddamn print function works.


3:59p this incel rebellion thing has me scared, not going to lie. i’ve been vaguely aware of incels for a long time, like i’d seen the rise of the MRA folks and incels were excreted from that. they’ve always been around in american culture, one descriptor or another. but now they’re radicalizing and killing people.

it’s like modern feminism is baking soda and antiquated, toxic masculinity is vinegar. i think it used to be we were only really aware of this explosion when it happened close by to us. duh, pre-social media we’d rarely hear about this shit. now with the social media, our collective 5th grade science fair project is exposed to everyone for the shitshow it is.

is this a natural reaction to feminism in a nation that – whether we want to admit it or not – is still very deeply conservative? that still deeply clings to what was once considered the “natural order” per the christian bible? all the reading i’ve done points to pre-christian gender roles being way more even so far as power balance is concerned.

i don’t even think i can blame christianity by itself, i’m not well versed enough in that field to be able to say definitively. i can say that i have seen many self described christians scream at the top of their lungs about gender roles. i can say that i’ve seen the bible twisted around to fill that particular cognitive bias.

i know it’s a problem all of us have to collectively handle. this is coming from a place of pure selfishness that i’m sure damn near everyone else feels. i don’t want to be murdered.

4:39P just read an article that petrifies me about my living situation. rents going up 10% across the country per year? i won’t be able to afford anything soon. much less save for a down payment on a house. how the fuck is this supposed to work? work for someone like me, lower-middle class? i get a 3% raise per year.

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