Unti555tled.mxd #80

8:43a my boss likes to rage on that the cities ask him to do all this shit that our data “wasn’t designed to do”

k well our data can do damn near anything as long as there’s a common key

he just doesn’t understand what that means, and he seems to get really frustrated when he doesn’t understand a question someone’s asking him. okay, i can deal with this. i can deal with this. i can deal with this.

the question in question was one from a city in our county trying to join the certified roll to the parcels polygon. i guess they need to sort by some info that wasn’t already in the parcels, or use it for some kind of analysis. the question asker has the skills to do this, she (i almost cried out of happiness when i saw the asker was a she) was just wondering what the unique id was between datasets. there are technically 2, but there is a definite better of the two. i conveyed this to my boss in way more detail, who said if she had any additional questions he couldn’t answer it’d get forwarded on to me. i’m fine with that. maybe i am boss material.

8:56a some days i really do need a couple of brothers giggling about dick and fart jokes in my ear



i should knit this into a thing to hang up


10:15a “king falls am will return” omg i’m happy they are taking a break. i just hope they come back. the end of phase 1? i’m down. i’m down for phase 2. i’m down for phase 12. this show is fucking great. it bounces between kooky morning radio, suprisingly deep love stories, and pure science fiction.

11:04a keeping a budget has never been my strong suit. i think just keeping everything written down is hard for me to do. when i get home i don’t want to be on the computer unless i’ve got a knitting pattern and netflix up, or playing games.

11:23a i was a big fan of comedy central roasts. i say was because i haven’t seen a new one in a long time and i’m not sure if they’re still made. i’m listening to michelle wolf’s bit at the white house correspondents dinner. i think i’ve watched a bit or two from the whcd before, did key & peele guest on one before? i think they did. i have a vague memory of an anger interpreter bit in front of that mustard yellow drop cloth. we did not deserve president obama at all. he had his problems too, but jfc this administration is shitting the bed.

i mean, michelle wolf’s jokes are decent. people are laughing. rence gave a thumbs up? maybe not. lmao.

i literally thought the white house correspondents dinner was a roast for that crowd. why the fuck are people getting bent out of shape? this honestly isn’t a terrible set. i might pay to see michelle wolf live. i haven’t seen her stand up specials, but if this is an indicator of her style i’m down.

11:33a “shooting fish in a chris christie” lmao

and shitting on democrats? yes please. they need to get shit on some more so they get their act together.

11:36a the handmaid’s tale joke was spot on. i’m glad she called out mike pence on catching up on that show. i know he won’t watch it, but gilead would be his ideal reality. i’ve read that book every couple of years since i found it in middle school, and i learn something about myself and have little realizations every time i read it. i couldn’t finish it last year. i got to the line about what caused the government to collapse and i had to stop. that reality is too close for comfort. i’d end up being an unwoman.

“[she] burns facts and uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye, ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies'” i mean, that’s a joke. that’s a decent joke. what’s the big fucking deal?

11:43a do you think anyone clicked to that she closed her set with “flint still doesn’t have clean water”? you chucklefucks

12:09p lol lovitt had to explain what a smokey eye was to jake tapper

12:18p superman’s not really my bag comic book or movie-wise, but i had a thought just now listening to this interview with jake tapper. jake tapper mentioned a book he’d read that was dated 1952, idk where this lines up with the creation of superman but he relayed this anecdote about mccarthyism from this book. something about journalists initially parroting mccarthy’s “commies are everywhere and in everything” charges, and the media finds out later that’s a big pack of lies, and then mccarthy turns around and calls all them commies and essentially seals their fate. at least in that day.

is that why superman’s a journalist? motherfucker’s gotta be a bulletproof alien to survive that industry.

the book is called mccarthy: the man, the senator, the “ism” by jack anderson. i’ll have to check this out. thanks google.

2:12p no-spend tuesday might be a success. let’s see if i can make no-spend wednesday and no-spend thursday a success as well. i have a big goal in front of me that might actually be achievable.

3:04 this hollywood handbook show is fucking insane and i can dig it

3:48P holy shit, cowboys vs. aliens reference. i could get lost in this show so easily

3:50p “sorry steve, did i say to stop that fuckin music?” we don’t have that kind of cattiness down here and every time i hear it, i love it

3:53p “girl from ipanema” is definitely fake therapist office music

4:07p jesus, 6 years of welcome to nightvale? i’ve been listening for four. i got chills.


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