Unti555tled.mxd #81

8:16a i went to look at another condo last night. it was pretty and had new appliances and all this, but there was some damage. broken window. looked like the wall was pulling apart. the parking lot was pretty torn up.

another person showed up to meet their realtor there, and mine started talking offers really quick. i told her i had to talk to my boyfriend and sleep on it. i talked to my friend that had lived there before and she said it was a good area, but the building she was in had foundation problems and the property manager is terrible. i found a yelp review that said the same thing.

we’re going back to the condo that we looked at on sunday for another look. we really liked that spot.

9:33a fucking “chuck tingle’s pounded in the butt by my own podcast” is something else for sure. i fucking love how whomever’s narrating isn’t edited. this episode about the plane? the woman narrating had to start over like 3 or 4 times on a line because she couldn’t stop laughing.

goddamn, idk who this chuck tingle dude is but he’s so goddamn wholesome. love /is/ real.

11:14a my anxiety is high. so very high. i’m terrified re: buying a property. it’s just a LOT of fucking money and a veritable avalanche of adult responsibilities that i should be prepared for but i’m not. is this normal? am i the only one that stresses out about first time home buying? all these fuckers i see are just cool as cucumbers.

all i have is like, sheer terror. like i want it. i’m decorating the space in my head. i’m thinking about what color i’m going to paint the dining area, since it’s got a bunch of nail holes in the walls that i’ll have to fill. i’m trying to reconcile the differences between the two condos i saw in that complex. one has a siiiiiick dining room area that i’m 1000000% in love with and the other has a brand new AC and water heater. those are the only fucking differences between the two. the new AC & water heater unit also has a super grandma light fixture that i’m also 100% in love with. if i could just smash the two condos together i would.

11:46a day 1 of cloth pads instead of a menstrual cup is going well.

1:32p idk why i was thinking about it, i got really curious about the killing fields. we moved down here in 1994, and i’m 99.9999999% my parents had no idea there was a serial killer running around the area. i’m listening to the generation why episode on it. it’s weird to hear someone from wisconsin discuss my home like this. i wasn’t really allowed to roam the neighborhood, i could walk to my friend’s house 2 streets down or the pool. that was really it.

fwiw, i am hoping the killing fields killer is dead. if he was an adult when he started killing, i’d think he’d be in his 70s now.

1:39p why the fuck are they focusing on galveston?

“a little more on the wild side” lmao

2:34p holy shit, i just saw a release from my texas hometown’s police department that the police killed a man who threatened them with a samurai sword during a drug bust

4:27p mbmbmam #68 having fun with bleeps. this is comedy gold.

4:38p i’m terrified of this showing i’m going to. my agent is really nice and supportive and fucking amazing at her job, my boyfriend believes in me, i am like 99.99999999% sure i can afford it, i’m just sososososososo goddamned scared

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