Unti555tled.mxd #82

8:16p i hate the term adulting at the end of the day, but it’s descriptive. my agent is putting our offer in for the condo we’ve been looking at. i was so anxious and nervous last night, like i was going on a second date with someone i was really interested in. just i was going on a date with a person i was really into.

just the person is a place to live and if everything goes right we’ll be going steady soon omg

10:22a i keep forgetting not to eat while listening to nosleep. peter lewis is amazing at narrating body horror. and by amazing, i mean i’m re-evaluating all my life choices up to this point. “pop go the people”, season 5 episode 3. i mean, at least i’m not eating some sort of gusher candy or something. just pistachios. but that’s still… there’s still a noise to eating pistachios, and it’s syncing up with points in the story that don’t need additional sound effects to be effective.

but i love this, it’s reminding me there’s a whole range of feeling outside of the constant anxiety.

10:31a i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this

12:06p i made my leasing agent cry. we’ve had a good friendship over the span of time we’ve lived at this complex.

also, day 2 of cloth pads has been uneventful. i washed yesterday’s in the shower. is that gross? it reads gross, but chronologically it made a lot of sense. when the fuck do i have time to handwash anything? i just hang it up when i’m done washing it.

1:48p lol every time i switch to my main mxd arcmap crashes

3:12p still haven’t heard back from my agent yet. but there’s still time in the day.

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