Unti555tled.mxd #83

10:08a our offer was accepted and i paid my earnest money last night. countdown to the 13th is on. after that, my 60-day notice to my apartment goes in and then we can move.

i’ve been brainstorming bathroom floors since the smaller bathroom has a good deal of cracked tile. if that’s the only big thing that i have to worry about i will be so happy. now i’m just waiting on my agent to get back to me about the building inspector & their bill. omg this is exciting.

i want to do an epoxy pour floor but idk how practical that would be for a bathroom. i’ve only seen people do it on countertops.

12:23p i’m just trying not to stress out. i want to knit but i’m throwing myself at work work work work work work work work

1:40p i’m just kind of tired of the constant commentary on my dietary restrictions. like one of my coworkers will always offer something i’ve told her a thousand times i can’t eat, then when i politely decline she starts going over a list of stuff i can’t eat and how much it must suck. i’m a-okay without cheese. sure i miss it sometimes, but jfc my wellbeing is more important than cheese. i believed the opposite for a long time and it’s one of my biggest regrets.

i’m also googling how to make my own nicotine mints so i can stop spending $30 every time i run out. i have nicotine extract in my freezer. i can do this.

4:24p i am so tired

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