Unti555tled.mxd #84

8:02a my boyfriend brought home a plague from his job. i thought i had just maced myself cleaning with dust and cleaning supplies. i don’t have a fever but jfc the sneezing never ends. the body aches are real. my nose alternates between gummed up and running. at least my throat doesn’t hurt anymore.

i’m only here because i’m not going to break my goddamned streak and i don’t interact with anyone. my social interaction is via phone and email. and podcasts.

this week’s hello from the magic tavern almost killed me, just like this cold. just in a way more enjoyable fashion.

8:36a day something or other with cloth pads. today’s going to be a better test, heavy day.

9:43a “a seaside british pub” is interesting so far. i don’t think i’ve listened to the season this came from yet, but it is definitely an interesting story.

12:07p that nosleep story was pretty darn good.

2:00P i feel so off my game. just in general. i’m in my mental pillow fort, asleep.

like i sat here way too long thinking one of my coworkers had made a mistake.

legal reads:

“the east 218.2 ft of the west 456.2 ft of [xyz] lot in [abc] survey”

the lot is 683.4 and was originally split into 2 smaller parcels, the westernmost being 218.2 ft and the remainder being the eastern 456.2 ft parcel.

i was staring at it thinking, why didn’t they cut the eastern portion of the 456.2 ft that the owner was selling? wtf? the sheet my coworker cut shows they’re cutting the western portion of the 456.2 parcel.

the legal states we’re starting from the western edge of lot [xyz], not the goddamn western border of what the seller owns. so what my coworker put on the sheet was correct. it took me tooooooooo long to figure that out. duhhh.

2:39p jesus why god is this happening

ok there’s 2 lots in this subdivision im doing some minor edits on, 1A and 2A.

i THOUGHT the account numbers would have a “1” and a “2” in the lot portion that corresponded to the annotation.

they’re fucking inversed

1A has a “2” in the lot portion and 2A has a “1” in the lot portion

i want to cry because i can’t fix it without throwing the entire universe into chaos

3:43p i have a huge fucking problem with the entire concept of this “together against the weather”
website i came across. because: we can’t be against the weather. we can only prepare for it. the phrase indicates that there is something to be against. like can we all just grab our guns, march down to the seawall, and fire at the incoming hurricane?

we can be against humman-accellerated climate change that is influencing the strength of hurricanes.

4:43P not too not familiaaaaaaar

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