Unti555tled.mxd #85

9:58a got my building inspection back and it looks … okay? like every older construction it’s got some issues. i think we can hammer this out. oh i hope so. i’m waiting on my agent to call me.

i ripped my temperature shawl out again last night. i still hate it. the one i restarted would have got to be entirely too big to manage. i did figure out a formula that will calculate out what color yarn i need for the temperature in my spreadsheet so that makes my life a little easier. i’m charting out a new one that should be manageable.

11:04a i’ve tried everything i know to try and fix this fucking terrible lag in my parcel fabric. this shit is actually hurting me. it’s like, dont even try to fix a parcel just draw a new one. uuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

11:43a everything is going to be okay. that knot in your gut is unfounded right now. everything is going to be okay soon.

1:30p talked to my agent. some stuff to fix, for sure. nothing that’s the end of the world though. the attic entry is nightmare fuel though, it doesn’t have a fucking lock on it and it’s a communal access. i’m excited again. this is going to work out. just go get a deadbolt and maybe something to rig a club to the ceiling to keep the attic hatch shut

3:30p today has been a very bad arcmap day. it’s crashed fucking 8 billion times today.

4:46P omg no. no no no no no. the power keeps bliping out and this last time my fucking monitor turned off my blood pressure cant handle this shit

4:49p fucking great, the internet shit out right in the middle of trying to finish this dude’s fucking cut out. god dammit. this blows.

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