Unti555tled.mxd #86

9:11a nosleep, season 5 episode 11: “phdsd – a case study”. this is a fantastic story and equally as fantastic narration from peter lewis.

it’s been a busy week so far. stressing about the condo. haven’t heard back from my agent since we talked. i hope everything is okay.

9:51a we had a fire drill. those are always fun. the noise scares the shit out of me and literally all i can hear is the alarm and all i see is the fucking strobe light. but that’s the point, right?

i think for a moment it wasn’t a drill. a nearby transformer blew up yesterday and ignited a mineral oil tank. i think the transformer is in or near the chemical plant campus. i got a message from this town’s emergency management office this morning that the fire reignited.

10:03a waiting on arcgis 10.6 to install. maybe this will help my fucking lag problems.

11:02a lag problems are still a thing. ugh.

11:16a rolling back/forward to 10.5.1. 10.6 needs a patch like yesterday.

2:21p 10.5.1 works so much better than 10.4.1 and 10.6. guess i’ll stay here for a while. my loan officer typoed my fucking loan documents. i hope she fixes that soon.

2:28p this condo must have been a rental. the seller’s billing address is different on the county’s cad versus what appears on the county’s tax office website. that’s why it has some issues.

4:53p i think it will be okay.

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