Unti555tled.mxd #87

9:06a i made a huge mistake looking for homeowners insurance. jfc i’ve had like 8 phone calls already today from agencies ive never fucking heard of trying to get my business. i just want to get through to geico. jfc.

10:39a i think i found my company. they include appliances and HVAC in the policy. hhhnnggg

11:53a anxiety is the only thing i’m feeling. it’s awful. and i know that people are busy and can’t get back to me immediately and i’m really battling this feeling of being ignored and it hurts. it hurts so much. i know it’s illogical and self-centered, but then i think, what if they actually are ignoring me? what if i’m so goddamned annoying they’re going to delay my closing because i’m tooooooooooooooo vocal and annoying and “hey fuck you millenial scum!”

2:40p the sucking vacuum in my chest hasn’t stopped yet. i’m trying not to cry at work. ppl have got back to me but omg i have more questions and i’m fucking scared.

2:43p nvm agent said she had to bust out her viper hiss on the sellers and i think i love her even more

3:39p omg off book just nailed how i feel right now, just minus the birds and bees part. episode 25, pump the breaks. the first song.

i find myself leaning on off book’s back catalog when i’m stressing and it’s so nice.

3:44p i’m really conflicted about telling some of my friends about buying a place. one of the group basically just got priced out of the apartment she’s had with her roommate for like 6 years. they don’t make enough together to meet the income requirement the new owners of their complex enforced. that is terrifying.

3:50p holy god this episode of off book will take the sting out of anything. i mean, okay, that’s conditional on a lot of things because the episode seems to revolve around a single dad giving his kids the sex talk.

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