Unti555tled.mxd #89

9:33a this feels like hurry up and wait. i’m going to put my 60 days in at my complex tonight. after that this is really going to be real, start to really take shape. hopefully the seller is making some headway on fixing the items in the contract. hopefully i don’t go broke doing this. hopefully everything works out.

and there’s a possible tropical mass floating around in the gulf. hopefully it spins out into nothing.

9:43a i’ve been dripping some 1mg fluid i made onto a piece of a cotton ball and shoving it between my lip and gum. trying to cut back on spending. i think i spend like $60-$90/month on nicotine lozenges and jfc that’s too much. this will take some getting used to, but this does taste better than the lozenges.

11:15a waiting patiently for my loan officer to re-populate this form. she keeps sending me forms with the incorrect unit number. makes me doubt them as a whole. i hope this gets resolved quickly.

11:29a listening to alice isn’t dead. she’s raving about bucees.

she’s 100% correct. bucees is literally heaven on the highway.

1:58p i just want to go back to sleep. i also hope that blabbermouth fails, fwiw. they said some garbage about west virginia that just reinforces the negative image the state has. like all they did was focus on don blankenship and not on the republican that actually won their election or the progressive that won like a decent percentage of the vote. they focused on what fit their show’s narrative and FUCK that. that’s fucking our country up more.

2:09p apparently an asphalt paver caught fire this afternoon. this does not bode well for us.

2:55p just over 2 hours i’m going to put in my notice at our apartment.

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