Unti555tled.mxd #90

9:56a i guess im going to learn how to do drywall and floors. too late to go back now, notice is already in at my complex and id have to pay a massive penalty to go back on that. i fucking hate how our housing market works now.

11:26a i haven’t been sleeping well and this condo ordeal has had me wrapped up pretty much entirely. my weekends are spent cleaning and organizing and packing what i can.

god i think i put too much juice on my gums i hope i don’t get sick

2:47p i am tired and so anxious. i tried to go to bed early last night, but when i did i ended up waking up 2 hours later and didn’t go back to sleep until 1 in the morning. there was an alarm that woke me up again after that and apparently one of the stores in front of my apartments was broken into. we have lived here nearly 3 years and i’ve never heard that alarm go off.

3:59p getting homeowners insurance is actually fucking pulling teeth. ive been on the phone for a half hour. i only spend this much time on the phone with ESRI tech support jfc.

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