Unti555tled.mxd #91

8:37a everyone around me is getting sick or dying. a friend just lost their dad, jimmy’s coworker got viciously ill last night, i think we both have sinus infections, my agent had a family emergency that i’m not going into, and the owner of the office i’m going through for homeowner’s insurance just lost their dad as well. that fucks everything up.

in other news, we’re hitting the road for austin tomorrow. i’m excited. i haven’t been to austin as an adult.

10:56a i am getting better at spinning plates

11:30a i have honestly never used my email this extensively in my fucking life. i’ve literally been using it as a dump for logins and reciepts forever. i think i’m garbage at email unless i’m at work omg.

11:32a the juice+cotton in lieu of nicotine mints is working, i think. if i wasn’t stressed out from this other stuff going on i might not be snacking as much. but i stress eat. at least i’m buying stuff like sunflowers seeds and pistachios. i fucking want a five pound bag of skittles, but i’d blow through it in a day.

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