Unti555tled.mxd #92

8:08a austin was fantastic. we did nothing but eat tacos and bbq. then we went to see the greatest generation’s treatment of wrath of khan. brandoing is in my vocabulary now, which is awesome.

the drive there was pretty simple. like we might do this again to hit up the comic book stores again. their stores are better.

10:34a i wish texas kids would stand up and ask for gun control. locking down the school and putting more armed cops obviously DOESN’T FUCKING WORK

11:34a i am kind of sick of hearing one of my coworkers constantly talking about how scared she is for her kids and grandkids. we are all scared. you are praying for god to save you. god might save you through fucking gun control laws that you keep saying no to, you fucking maga hat wearing idiot

11:57p o fuck the board is here. i was hoping that this would be later on. uuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh i hate them so much. they made the summer/fall of 2016 absolutely intolerable. like i crawled head-first into my headphones and never crawled out. they are fucking literally the boomer stereotype. down to unprovoked shit talking at anyone younger than them.



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