Unti555tled.mxd #94

9:03a just watching this cute little 90L. stay away. the noaa rain forecast is steadily shifting rain west ahead of 90L and i’m not cool.

10:35a i am totally in a nosleep mood. i realized i’d already listened to season 5 a few episodes before the conclusion of it. i guess it doesn’t even matter if i’ve already heard it before. the stories are almost always stellar and the narration just GGGGEEETTTTTS me.

12:22P dear caller, there is no need for you to tell me you’re “trying to be really nice”. i can hear that you’re mad, and you’re mad in the way a child gets huffy when their parents can’t read their minds. like no, child, you can speak and you can use your words to tell me what’s wrong.

it’s not my fault it took you five years to realize you may want to call and tell someone that you’ve been getting a tax bill that’s not yours. especially when you’re renting a PO box and you’re consistently getting mail that isn’t yours. i wonder if he’s called all the other entities sending mail to that PO box. it’s the taxpayer’s repsonsibility to update us on their mailing address anyway.

3:53P i’m planning on making vegan charro beans for a memorial day bbq this weekend. my friend is a vegan and her husband is not. they make it work pretty fucking fantastic. it’s super easy – not being an asshole goes a really long way.

4:58p the reality is sinking in that it’s literally only been a few months since the last hurricane season ended. i’m not mentally prepared for this. uuuggghhh

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