Unti555tled.mxd #95

9:13a i unsubscribed from a couple of podcasts i just wasn’t into anymore. like blabbermouth pissed me off something fierce, so i unsubscribed from all the shows that were related to that. i used to love dan savage until he showed his complete and total ignorance to the world outside his bubble.

10:47a i’ve just been putting some nicotine liquid under my tongue. the cotton was a bad idea, it didn’t really hold onto the liquid and was scratchy. i might try soaking a snack bag of cotton balls for comicpalooza this weekend, idk not sure yet. straight application seems to work just fine though, craving is sated and i’m not feeling any overdose effects. fwiw i’ve overdosed before, you don’t die but you kind of want to.

what’s happening in the US & DPRK is terrifying. i know NK doesn’t have shit as far as weapons go as far as the US is concerned, but what about south korea? they are our allies. pretty sure NK has weapons that can fuck up south korea.

2:23p i love sunflower seeds so much.

2:40p okay, i need to sketch out lunches because i did not make any this weekend. i did put some black beans to soak because i had a nebulous chicken tortilla soup idea. idk this is chicken tortilla adjacent.

8 oz black beans, soaked. pop this into the instant pot as soon as you get home w/ seasonings, half cx broth half water, depending on how much cx broth you have.
1 cup long grain rice
2 chicken thighs
1 bag kroger frozen soup vegetables
1 cup frozen bell peppers and onions
1 tbsp taco seasoning? maybe more.
2 cups cx broth

3:20P HOLY SHIT “phantom possession syndrome” is pretty insane.

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