Unti555tled.mxd #97

tags: podcasts, trends like these

9:13a last week’s trends like these kinda hit me right in the gut. they talked about santa fe for a while and they were fucking sssssppppoooootttttt oooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

i’m also super glad i unsubscribed from blabbermouth. their comments about west virigina triggered this intense, visceral reaction (I MOVED AWAY WHEN I WAS 8. 1994. 24 YEARS AGO) and that same reaction would have been so intensely amplified hearing them spew their hate about a neighboring town. i thought that those folks were progressives, generally tolerant people. they aren’t. they’re the fringe left that’s just as bad as the fringe right.

9:49a i am so happy that dan carlin came back and did an episode of common sense. i like that show. he’s truly a weird dude, but in a totally approachable way. he will expand on his weird ass ideas and how he got to them.

9:54a omg carlin dropped into a trump impression for a split second and i got scared. like ohhh i don’t want to laugh out loud to myself.

but i want a carlin treaty. a treaty that says, basically, we’re not going to meddle in another country’s elections. carlin says, rightly so, that no one would sign it. but it would, i’d hope, put a pin in this garbage. let us evolve as a species a little. unless it just unravels immediately.

10:32a have i mentioned how much i love dan carlin

i’m damn near on the same page. i didn’t want another washington dude in office. i genuinely didn’t. i voted for clinton, because i knew trump was bad news and that bitch kneecapped bernie. but w/e, 4 years with another clinton wouldn’t be so bad.

my guy just said, “the truth of it is, that when donald trump goes away all of this [our problems as a nation] will still be there. and those of you that want me to line up on one side or the other, let me just tell you i’m an opponent of donald trump. i consider it a personal tragedy that you finally get an outsider in there and this is the best representation we’re going to have of that. because it leads us into a debate amongst americans, should we vote for more crazy? or go right back to the status quo that was so corrupt and inbred and bad and people voted conciously for crazy last time? that’s no choice.

if we really wanna have fun, if you wanna turn this into the ultimate farce, run hilary clinton again. against donald trump in the next one. do that. oh i’m sorry, i don’t know what led me there” he was laughing at that last bit, because motherfucker. it /is/ funny.

1:22p i am worried for a friend of mine. he’s back in the army and going to africa. he’s got no clue where he’s being sent, but if what i’ve heard is correct it won’t be the DRC. apparently trump wants to claw back all the money obama put aside for ebola when the last outbreak happened. so he’ll probably get sent to some northern country, that’s where our interests are. another friend, at army friend’s going away party, said omg maybe he’ll go to south africa to put a pin in all that violence against the white people

lol no

i found a little bit of news about one farm murder and not much else. the police there arrested a few people. mostly outrage headlines from non-south african sources. there’s no white genocide going on in south africa.

2:17p yep the lady out in the bullpen that i always fucking hear talking needs to retire already. she’s fucking defending rosanne’s racism. “why can’t people just get over it?” free speech is constitutionally protected, but you are not constitutionally protected from the consequences of that speech.


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