Unti555tled.mxd #100

tags: podcasts

9:30a i’ve been listening to small town horror. i’m in one of those moods where horror is exactly what i need.

but this dude, he’s got a way of worming in his ad placement that’s both invasive and a little clever. like he’s been talking about this dude’s job search and i’m waiting for it to morph into a ziprecruiter ad. to the point where i’m checked out of the story, because i think i’m listening to an ad. whoops, rewind like 3 minutes.

other news: closing is coming soon. i’m extra broke again. at least i dont have any events coming up for a few months. gotta go to the bank, then get a money order to pay the relet fee for the apartment.

9:36a i love the way that arcmap crashes sometimes.

10:24a that’s awesome, there’s a clip from siblings peculiar in small town horror. i wasn’t paying attention and i’m like “wtf, that’s adal and arnie but not magic tavern banter… what’s happening right now?”

10:47a jfc why the fuck do people think it’s okay to complain at taxpayers on the phone. the woman out in the bullpen just told a taxpayer that “she’ll probably be pitching a tent in someone’s yard by [the time i’m 65]”. maybe you should have tried to live within your means.

4:09p god today has been awful. just one long slog. at least i finished small town horror. i was pretty pissed with the ending. idk, i read it was just on a long hiatus.

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