Unti555tled.mxd #101

8:56a i love it when the off book folks show up on hftmt. they play sooooooo well together. like they were trying so hard not to sing it kind of hurt, like yall, just sing. just sing. it’ll be great.

trying out another horror podcast. scary stories told in the dark.

9:29p did not care for scary stories told in the dark. the narrator wasn’t into the story he was telling :/

however, peter lewis is in the first episode of nosleep’s new season and i almost jumped for fucking joy. i love his narration.

11:39a hey ya’ll who work in real estate or real estate-adjacent. when i’m telling you that the situs you’re giving me is in the street range, you’re probably not wrong about the situs you’re calling about. when i tell you that i’m not the addressing authority, i’m not lying to you to so as to relieve myself of any extra work. i’m not the goddamned authority, so i can’t make that call. i have the contact info for the people you need to call. hand to god, i’m not being lazy. lazy would be lying to you to get you off my back.

12:05p more addressing issues. had a gentleman call for an address in the area i actually am an authority for. said he got an address from our office that is WAAAAAAAY 100% wrong. i can’t find it nor was there a situs bound to the caller’s lots. big suprise there. he probably doesn’t remember who he called, because after ironing that out – “hey man, i can’t assign that address because an ambulance won’t be able to find your house with that situs. at all.” – i noticed that someone just read off his neighborhood code to him and said that was his address. someone made a big fuck off mistake. and no one noticed. uuugggghhhh

1:32p omg omg omg omg there’s a podcast called the weather junkies. they have an episode about the “heroes of harvey”. i’m nerding out so hard right now.

like i was watching harvey with the wunderground.com blog’s comment section. it’s a generally pretty wholesome nerd spot, fwiw. we were watching it when it formed from a tropical wave on friday, when it dissapated over the yucatan the following monday, then it reformed on tuesday. you know what sucks? it reformed on my boyfriend’s birthday. we spend his birthday weekend stuck in the apartment, our vehicles flooded, life suckin.

i fucking knew it was heading for us before when it reformed. the high pressure was in the right spot, the winds were right, fuck. fml. it’s been 9 months and i’m getting to the point where i can sleep through the night if it starts to rain. that’s a plus. a car alarm went off last night and i had a moment of panic though. like i was almost asleep.

the first night of harvey was nothing but car alarms going off as the water came up. i slogged through to try and make it to my truck to get it out of the water before it was too late. it was up over my muffler before i could get there. i slogged back and cried in the shower. my boyfriend’s car was almost completely under.

car alarms go off when the water overtops the battery. they’ll go off until the battery is dead.

the water went down a bit the second day.

the water rose again that evening or the evening after. the car alarms started again, this time other cars that weren’t completely flooded were.

i didn’t sleep very well the entire time. all those fucking car alarms echoing off the buildings. you lose track of days when there’s nothing to really demarcate the passage of time. we didn’t come back to work until a solid week after harvey. took another 2 weeks to get my truck back from the shop. took jimmy about a month to find a reliable, non-flooded vehicle.


their office really is like a bunker. and every light is on a motion sensor, it’s annoying as shit.

1:56p jfc i need one of those fancy neck massagers. not the vibrator one, like one that actually wraps around your neck

1:59p i keep telling myself that no two hurricanes are the same. the next one could be a cat 1 party storm, and nothing bad will happen. this is why we have insurance, right? we made plans with my boyfriend’s grandmother to go to her house for a hurricane. we will be fine. we will be fine. we will be fine.

3:44p listening to the new episode of pounded in the butt by my own podcast, and now all i can think about is how fucking hilarious it would be to get peter lewis to read one of these. how fucked up would it get and how fast? jfc that would be amazing.

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