Unti555tled.mxd #102

7:38a peter lewis liked one of my comments on the nosleep fb group. that’s always nice, knowing that the artist you enjoy sees the praise and positivity they’re literally being buried under. i didn’t actually mention him by name, but did note that i’d want to hear any of the nosleep talent do an episode of chuck tingle’s “pounded in the butt by my own podcast” so /maybe/ that’s what he liked? lol

8:10a susan bennett follows me on twitter now? she was the original voice of siri, per her bio. her account follows 1.6M other accounts soooo i’m not special.

8:16a i want to be ernestine shepherd omg. just google her. she’s amazing.

9:01a omg i didn’t know the original author of the conan stories did horror stories as well. there was always a horror element in the stories – the antagonists. i am excited to listen to a whole howard horror story. the story is called “the black stone”.


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