Unti555tled.mxd #103

9:36a it’s been a busy couple of days. not that i don’t have stuff to write about, just i don’t have time. not feeling great.

i did find a new podcast from the episode of pseudopod i listened to yesterday with the robert e howard story. cromcast. i’m currently working through their back catalog and loving it. i love the conan stories, the movies caught my attention a long long time ago and i got back into it when dark horse started publishing the trades of conan stories.

like i’ve been sketching a fantasy universe in my head that i kind of want to write down. i’m not much of a writer, but that would be pretty cool.

11:40a getting back into conan is good for me, it makes for good workout motivation.

1:58p my boss slays me sometimes. some of these updates i get from him have the north arrow and scale bar overlaid in a way that covers up what i need to see and it’s because he forgot how to move the elements around in arcmap. w/e i’ll just wait until he asks for help. it doesn’t really matter, as long as i have the parent account number and the metes and bounds i can figure out what’s happening. not a huge deal.

4:37p awww my knitting podcast hit episode 100. they did an all voicemail question episode and it was pretty insightful. i could heeeear the exasperation in the host’s voice at the end though, because her puppies were just beating the shit out of each other in the background. it was cute though.

chuck tingle’s show really does have the best theme song tho

the tv’s on, there’s not much talkin
between two buckaroooooos
good buds in plaid duds, the big game playin
but one of us must choose
the ball’s in the endzone and were high as the ozone
a kiss could sign the deal(?)
provin’ love is real
provin’ love is real
provin’ love is real

if there is someone writing a book about me writing this right now in this moment, please jesus make this day better, bud


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