Unti555tled.mxd #104

8:16a i’m worried about my boss. he’s been out sick a few times this week. i remember that he told me a while back, when we were coming back from a meeting on the north side, that he had a cough he just couldn’t get rid of. he smokes, but not often. god i hope he doesn’t have cancer. i’m not ready for that responsibility.

but i mean, fuck is anyone ready?

8:33a i shared a memory from last year on facebook of some metes and bounds i’d seen that used an axle stuck in the ground for a point of commencement. a friend from an old job commented, surely that can’t be accurate? i look at the metes again. it came off of a survey, and made it through title, so yeah, it’s accurate. doesn’t mean i can find the shit, but it’s got references to the a northerly parcel that are viable.

she remarked that she though it was strange that people used “lot pegs” for calls here. like that’s normal here, dude

9:09a uuugggghhh. i dug up a deed from 1899 and like fucking 950 acres of the bolivar peninsula was $450. from the beach to what would be the intercoastal waterway.

10:06a this time next week i’ll have cash in hand for my fucking condo. oh my goodness.

10:09a listening to cromcast is really making me want to write. like i started a personal wiki to keep notes. i don’t want to make them public, because if there’s anything i’ve learned that if i start making stuff i want to succeed public i’ll fail. like i already got the satisfaction high from putting my work out into the world, why continue?

1:44p ugh i got the sinking suspicion that i just fucked up, but it’s not a terrible fuck up.

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