Unti555tled.mxd #105

8:22a anthony bourdain died today. he’s been one of my favorite authors forever. “kitchen confidential” influenced me in ways it was designed not to. i was already in the midst of my own drug problem and didn’t see that lesson until later. i wanted to be a rock star, and i ended up washing out in a bowling alley at ~26. i learned a lot, but it wasn’t until i quit the industry cold turkey (with the help of – guess who? – anthony bourdain) that i saw it for what it was.

i mean, the lesson was in “waiting” as well. of all fucking movies. this was never meant to last forever.

10:56a listening to this episode of reply all about incels: https://pca.st/V4q6

i had never seen/listened to elliot rodger’s video that he posted before he murdered those women in california. it was a man who desperately needed help and too wrapped up in his own warped mental state to get it.

the host makes an excellent point that the people who are angry and violent take up so much space, it edges out the people who actually do need help, that need support, that just need a friendly hand to maybe fix what’s wrong in their lives so they can fill that love-shaped void in their life.

also, great point about how there’s no old guard in the incel community. the old guard moved on after finding love and no longer needing the incel community – leaving the dregs, the absolutely vile sludge behind to groom and train the next wave.

11:47a in a week from today, i will be a homeowner.

12:27p john rodrick(sp?) made a fucking amazing point that i need to remember. they’re discussing “clear and present danger” on friendly fire this week, and he made a faux wistful comment about the day (1994) in which audiences could still believe one old school dude was going to single-handedly straighten things out.

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