Unti555tled.mxd #108

8:26a still busy. closing is soon and i am scared. it’s supposed to rain this weekend and i had planned on moving. fuck.

it is also scary having a technologically illiterate boss and coworkers. fuck.

i’ve been listening to the liberty podcast. it’s interesting.

9:36a bubble is interesting so far.

10:16a jonathan coulton’s “come ride a boat” is fucking golden. i could do without the hipster shit, but that’s like 85% of the show. i think i’ll stay for coulton.

10:19a one of my coworkers constantly makes this tiny mistake and she doesn’t listen to me. like, the long account numbers she gives to some of these cut outs is just wrong. like this one that just came through:

split out lots 3 & 10 from 4, half of 5, 8 and 9. the original account number was xxxx-0011-0005-003

which is correct for an account that still contains some of lot 5. no big deal there. the 3rd set of 4 digits is the lot code, the last 3 digits being the split code. still correct.

the split out of 3 & 10 was given the account number was xxxx-0011-0005-004. 3 & 10 contains none of lot 5. i corrected it to xxxx-0011-0003-000. this might have been -001 if there had been a previously deleted account that contained lot 3 at one point, but that was not the case here. she doesn’t listen to me, mostly because i haven’t been here as long as them. i’m also not a man.

3:52p i want to make my hair look good. this is going to be a long journey. i’m also stressing because my final closing docs haven’t shown up yet and they are supposed to be signed today so we can close on friday. uuuuggggghhhhh

also, liberty is great.

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