Unti555tled.mxd #109

7:57a ohhh my goodness. closing is tomorrow. i haven’t heard back from my lender about the finalized closing disclosure yet so i don’t know what sum to get on my cashier’s check yet. i can guess all day long, but i have to be exact.

and it’s still going to rain this weekend. ugh.

i need to get the following things:

queen size bed frame
queen size allergy covers for the mattress and bedspring
something to lock up the attic door

11:06a lender finally got back to me. waiting on final CD right now so i can figure out what i need to bring with me tomorrow. i’m on edge tbh and it sucks.

11:30a thinking about frogging my temperature wrap agin. i’m not happy with the drape. lack of drape? i used the wrong needle size and it’s stiff. uuugggghhhh.

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