Unti555tled.mxd #110

9:12a moving went decent. my boyfriend has a ton of stuff. i managed to move most of my things save for the kitchen, work clothes, and the few items of furniture i have. 2 desks, 2 bookshelves. i got the bookshelf i could lift out though, that was fun. it flew out of the back of my truck.

1:42p tomefoolery is pretty excellent. totally worth listening to if you want some literary giggles.

3:09p got to meet one of the big surveyors today. him and his wife are super nice. they retired recently and were put in charge of an estate on bolivar and they’re trying to get the lots sorted out.

4:35p it’s super busy. i also don’t have internet at the apartment right now (it’s on at the condo) so now my evenings are strangely productive

like maybe the internet is distracting me from life


4:53p wow, someone else is quitting. she’s had like every job in this office, too. she got a sweet promotion. i hope she’s not quitting this to go be a bossbabe or something, she was doing that when she was running a different department. MLMs don’t have pensions

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