Unti555tled.mxd #112

10:28a there was a discussion going on in cap h yesterday re: separating families.

if you’re curious – this is one of those topics that separates the wheat from the chaff.

you’ll see the people that are opposed to it – this is bad hospitality, this is bad for our gefrain, what if this happens to someone i love and care deeply for?, arch-heathens *desired* a diverse community.

then you see the people who want this style of government. some of them are overtly racist, some of them are that kind of racist that runs under the surface. they say they don’t hate people based on skin color, but they don’t want porous borders. they say we don’t have enough “resources”. they say they don’t want illegals taking their jobs and benefits. that’s low-key racism that the individual doesn’t have the balls to confront and resolve.

fwiw – there’s a small contingent arguing for porous/open borders. most folks are into borders, but making legal immigration easier. since the US is probably responsible in some way for the instability in their home country, we owe them that much. we can be the good host we project ourselves as. we can be the good, honorable people we paint ourselves as.

11:09a i hope ann coulter chokes on her words.

well, wait.

i don’t hope.

i know she will. it’s just a matter of time.

it’s not worth repeating. she’s already radioactive and afaik no one will publish her garbage anymore.

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