Unti555tled.mxd #117

8:06a there was some sort of kerflfuffle out in the bullpen just now and i have no idea what started it, but there was a lot of lighthearted yelling and laughing and i’m kind of sad i was distracted by this video of peter lewis eating spicy noodles.

i write a lot about distractions and stuff i’m doing at work, but honestly i am furiously alt-tabbing around.

9:15a powerful. did an episode with hansi kürsch and i’m loving it. i love blind guardian, probably my longest running “fandom” if i can even call it that. i don’t like “fandom” as a term. but i’ve been a fan of them foooorrrrr 14 years. feels good. i can still listen to “nightfall in middle earth” and it still gives me the chills.

2:19p i found some han solo dice on thingverse. ordered them today, should see them in a week or 2. han solo cosplay here i come.

2:37p just found a blaster kit. it’s so much cheaper to get a kit than a ready made replica. omg im so excited.

2:40p i fell out of star wars when the prequels came out. i really just didn’t care for it anymore, that and combined with being a teenager … and lord of the rings … i didn’t come back to it until the newer movies started coming out. now i’m fucking gung-ho again just like in middle school. what the fuck.

except now i have money for replicas and costuming. and a lot more friends than i did back then.

now i’m finally going to get to dress up like han solo and no one’s going to fucking stop me


i’m 99% sure the attitude i adopted to gaining a career stemmed straight from the scene in “a new hope” where han fakes being a stormtrooper. that’s my life. uughh

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