Unti555tled.mxd #119

8:56a heeeey i found peter lewis’ first nosleep episode. season 3, episode 9. pretty cool.

i haven’t been writing much because it’s been pretty consistently busy. i’ve been preoccupied with getting the new place set up.

9:49a nosleep, season 3 episode 10. “heat stroke” hits home. it’s a real concern here and i don’t think i’ve ever experience it exactly, but heat exhaustion for sure.

3:07p i want to do wood walls in the condo. i don’t know how i’m going to do it, but i’m going to fucking do it. somehow. laminate? peel & stick? i saw some pretty sick looking kitchen backsplash at home depot that i want too. it was thin stone textured strips. maybe it was actual stone. idk. i’d like to mix that up with some glass tiles. zomg.

4:45p i saw a tweet from a journalist at the capital gazette and it was chilling.

i think i’ve written this before but every time something like this happens i wonder if i’m next. if the person coming in for confrences tomorrow is going to try to kill us all. half the folks in my office subscribe to that good guy with a gun theory and i’m nnnnot cool with that at all. i’ll be hiding behind a file cabinet thx

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