Unti555tled.mxd #120

12:27p i got my first nosleep season pass. season 11. i can’t wait to get into that. the condo is coming along well. we’re almost done moving. hopefully the fridge comes in on time on saturday and everything’s will work just fine. i’m hoping for no problems.

i did frog my temperature wrap again. i restarted it as a triangle shawl, with the high on one side and the low on another. it’s working out better this time. i went up a needle size so the drape is better. i printed out the months i need to work, which seems to go faster than reading off the computer screen and marking rows complete in a spreadsheet. spreadsheeting the pattern makes it easy to read though.

3:02p i just want to go home and knit. i can’t do either one right now. home is stretched between two places and i have no spare time to knit.

4:34p i think ive finally hit adulthood? i’m daydreaming about how i want to mount the tv in my bedroom. what vinyl flooring i want to buy to put up on the walls. omg.

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