Unti555tled.mxd #121

8:46a s11e2, “not your standard phobia”. the first time i heard this story on the free nosleep feed i straight thought i was listening to a talkspace ad until i looked at the timestamp and realized we were well into the story. nosleep’s ads are *that* *good*.

8:57a i’m thinking about building some vanities for our bathrooms. i don’t like the ones in stores, so this is where i am. hmm. i’m also still thinking about redoing the drywall in the master bath. maybe i should get off pinterest, this shit is not good for me.

11:50a made my first bodyartforms purchase in 3 years. i was feeling the need for some more plugs. i’m thinking about getting my ears pierced again. that would be nice.

3:15p jesus christ “warning cry” on nosleep s11ep3 is something else entirely. fucking fantastic.

3:24p so is “my childhood home” holy shit. i am so very happy with the $20 i spent on this already and the season isn’t even halfway over i think.

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