Unti555tled.mxd #125

8:36a pokemon go is kind of fun again. i’ll probably get bored again when i run out of new pokemon to catch, or run out of research to do. who knows.

9:29a so i’m trying this thing where i pack 3 meals at night instead of just lunch and forcing myself to make breakfast and dinner at the exact time. i think it’s working? i wasn’t as tempted to get a snack after dinner.

so i pack:

*a pb&j sandwich for breakfast (fucking easy and i hate the idea of breakfast but i’m hungry)
*something to microwave for lunch (today: leftover pepper roast from this weekend)
*chicken, hummus and spinach sandwich
*2 cans of soda

that dinner actually took some thought. the bread soggy after +/- 20 hours. so i spread some hummus on the chicken slices, roll the slices up, and put them in a tupperware. spinach goes on top. all i do is get the bread out, open the tupperware, put a slice of bread on top as a new lid, flip the thing, then put the other pices of bread on it. it’s not soggy and tastes like i just got everything out of the fridge.

1:52p that pepper roast reheated really well. i put some fresh spinach in the bottom of my microwave dish and it came out pretty fucking great.

i’ve been listening to all the same shows i’ve been regularly listening too, just nothing really to write about. maybe it’s just because of the move and having to manage all that – i still get my chuckles and info and stuff.

i’ve been mainlining this show called “the history of egypt” though. it’s pretty fucking fantastic and deeeeetailed.

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