Unti555tled.mxd #130

9:58a still trying to brainstorm what to do for a tent platform. ugh. it’s so cold in here that i can’t concentrate on much. i remember what worked from last year – which was our first year camping. my first time camping ever.

10:03a oh god we need a little buddy propane heater. whatever it’s called. the tent heater. last year, it froze halloween weekend and it was a nightmare

11:12a i think this is going to be the year of the pie iron

11:36a the former executive secretary came by to introduce her 2nd replacement (the first one quit as soon as she got married, is this 1950??) and she totes started playing with my hair. then she pats my head, not like in a condescending way, but like, look at this smart brain. that’s what’s in there (2 handed head pat) a smart brain.

lol what just happened. at least i washed my hair this morning. i tried that function of beauty custom shampoo/conditioner out and it feels pretty good.

1:44p i fuckin hate people that say “nine-eleven” instead of “nine-one-one” when they are clearly talking about emergency services and not 9/11. jesus fucking christ.

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