Unti555tled.mxd #132

10:47a shit at work has been weird. we had some ominous meeting yesterday that basically said, if you have a problem with someone come to me (big boss) and don’t handle it on your own. today people are moving around. idk no one talks to me about office gossip, mostly cause i make it a point to say that i hate it. sometimes i’m curious tho.

i’m going to make another sweet potato recipe tonight if i have time. going to make taco/burrito filling. basically just going to dice a few, coat with taco seasoning, and bake until done. going to mix with black beans, rice, and the rest of the jarred guacamole salsa in the fridge. portion and freeze.

11:16a if you ever pick up “children of blood and bone” fucking hang around for the author’s notes, the author is literally ripping my guts out right now via the amazing narrator chosen for the audible version

11:34a i’m pretty sure the woman out in the bullpen is kind of racist

2:27p thinking about getting an ebike and commuting to work that way. idk, $1700+/- is not cheap and i’m worried i’d give up on it.

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