Unti555tled.mxd #133

9:39a “it’s a garage full of half empty paint cans” re: operation dumbo drop. holy shit. i’m going to use this forever.

10:34a ordered tv mounts for my computer set up. i’m going to mount the desks to the wall with hinges so i can fold them up for space. put my stuff up on shelves. keep everything off the goddamned floor.

3:52p i got the wall mounts and a foot bath. the steroids i got last week have cleared my foot up well. i just hate using them because i’m afraid of the day when they no longer work. so, gotta up my skincare for my feet. gotta up my self care in general. gotta figure out how to moisturize fast in the morning. ugh.

4:14p i legit feel like garbage. i barely slept last night, and my lower back has been destroying me all day. it’s my goddamned period and nothing else. uuuggghhh. like i didn’t move anything this week, we’re done with that. this is just sossososo painful.

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