Unti555tled.mxd #134


hftmt always delivers. i am kind of worried about this portal business tho.

7:51a wait where the fuck was travis mcelroy in this week’s episode? oh guess i’ll have to re-listen. that’s such a chhhoooorrrreeee (not really)

7:57a i didn’t make anything special this weekend. a balsamic chicken and onion skillet with some rice, it was honestly kind of bland. i forgot how blah chicken breasts are. i normally get thighs, i bought a whole fryer this week and parted it for the freezer. i should have marianated it. meh. it’ll be dinner tonight and i’ll try something else next time.

i’ve been listening to neal stephenson’s reamde and it’s pretty decent. it kind of makes me want to play wow again, but idk if i want to get into all that again. i miss MMOs. i like overwatch, i haven’t had a chance to play in a long time. i could never get into raids on WOW. i’m not even sure if it’s worth playing anymore.

8:04a i think i’m going to make sweet potato and black bean tamales. i cooked off a couple of the half pallet of sweet potatoes i have last night. i just need to get a steamer basket, lard, and corn husks. hmmmm. chipolte sweet potatoes.

8:07a the story episodes of hftmt (idk what to call the episodes without a guest?) almost always put me back to when i first listened to the show. it was pre-election and the first year my boyfriend and i went to the ren faire, and it was an all around good time. the apartment we had was still fresh. blind guardian came to town that year. it was also autumn, also my favorite time of year. no hurricane that year. good stuff.

8:41a i heard chest trunkborn (umlauts go somewhere) and that was adorable.

8:45 well i tweeted about some of my home improvement plans for #philthevoid, it may or may not happen now

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