Unti555tled.mxd #135

7:59a found jeffrey combs’ twitter account this morning and spent a minute reading the feed. i read it in his voice, it was kind of nuts. he’s as liberal as me, thank goodness.

11:52a one of my coworkers has a dude at her desk that is fucking ADAMANT that his street it xyz drive. my maps and 911 state xyz CIRCLE. his survey says CIRCLE. recorded plat says CIRCLE. usps does not deliver out there, so that one is irrelevant. i’m pretty sure if i hopped on street view the street sign would say CIRCLE. so why the fuck do dudes have to double (or triple, quadruple, etc) down when they’re fucking WRONG?

12:07p mbmbam posted the houston show today. makes me happy. justin was wearing a hello from the magic tavern shirt. it was great.

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