Unti555tled.mxd #136

11:47a i saw a tutorial on how to make macrame feathers and i reaaaaaally just want to go home and make some right now. i have a bunch of yarn left over from the colder months for my temperature shawl and it would be cute.

i’m halfway through feburary on the re-do temperature shawl and i’m actually happy with this new one. i went up a needle size and the drape is so much better. it’s still going to be gigantic by year’s end but that’s okay.

12:00p i was introduced to a new-to-me podcast called “are you afraid of these stories” and it’s pretty fucking hilarious. i think it’s improv? i couldn’t figure it out from their social media. but it’s supposed to be a horror show, but it’s just jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes based off of horror movie tropes.

1:48p this show is great. “that tree doesn’t have ‘croatoa’ carved in it… it says ‘gatorade: is it in you’????” deep callback to one of their first episodes. i’m trying not to laugh out loud.

i don’t think it would matter. we certified on monday and everyone took vacation. it feels like a week of fridays and that SUCKS.

“what in a kid’s value meal is going on here?”

1:58p “what in the DQ deli bar is this?”

2:46p sometimes i wish i could be an artist for a living. i’d get to sleep as much as i need to, i think.

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