Unti555tled.mxd #139

9:34a david cummings’ intro to nosleep gives me chills every time. every. single. time. yeah, man, brace yourself. i can get out of my head for a little while and get fucking LOST in some terrible place.

this weekend was decent. this month feels like it’s dragging on forever.

i recaulked my bathtub this weekend. i am considering just demoing the whole goddamned thing and turning it into a wet room. it might make my life easier.

9:47a someone protect ruth bader ginsburg around the clock, please god please please please please. she just stated that she’d stay on the supreme court until she’s 90 and we really need her to stay there and healthy

2:55p i really wish it was easier to talk about racism and it’s many forms. i get more requests from my coworkers to double check situs addresses given to us by people with overtly “ethnic” names than anything else. i’ve had more white people present me with made up shit than the local vietnamese community.

3:55p i’m listening to the wilderness and trying not to cry. i know that it’s edited to elicit an emotional response. all media is, to a degree. but i so miss having an eloquent president. a leader that actually had a bit of sense, still had their faculties enough to not completely destroy the country. we did fucking great with obama, and this shit now? this shit now is almost halfway done and we’re on a path to ruin. what the fuck.

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