Unti555tled.mxd #141

8:29a i hate technology illiterate people who treat everyone else like their tech personal support.

9:22a PSA: fletcher is not the same as feltcher. always check yourself when you’re typing risky words.

1:29p i forgot the creepy podcast did the holder series.

2:28p all i want is nap time. that sounds like kid stuff, but holy shiiiiiiiiiit it’s every day around the same time. i just want to take a fucking nap.

3:00p still want to take a nap

3:37p yep still sleepy. but now i kind of want to knit. like i’m almost done with february on my temperature shawl. i want to start a piece for faire. idk.

4:17p still want to nap. daydreaming about a garter lace wrap. i think i’ll cast it on soon.

4:24p holy shit my treadmill shipped

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